Our HVAC company is comprised of four distinct brands – Asteroid Mechanical Services, AEMS Service Company, ServicePlus, and StandBy Power. Over the past five years, our companies have completed more than 10,000 projects for customers in the state of New Jersey and the surrounding areas. In addition to our numerous projects, we have substantial experience in collaborating closely with property owners and management firms, implementing preventative maintenance services, and completing complex design-build projects that require the replacement of existing HVAC, plumbing, and generator systems.

In October 2017, our HVAC company signed a franchise agreement to join the Linc Service franchise network. The Linc Service franchise network is also known as the ABM Franchising Group, LLC, which is a subsidiary of ABM Industries Incorporated. This company is a leading provider of integrated facility solutions with revenues of approximately $5 billion and more than 130,000 employees in more than 350 offices throughout the United States and various international locations. The Linc system enables mechanical contractors such as our HVAC contractors to leverage best practices in implementing with a high degree of quality and efficiency, and proactive, preventative maintenance services for commercial mechanical systems that in turn translates to a reduction and stabilization of the operating budget in maintaining these assets.