In the middle of summer when temperatures are at their highest, your air conditioning unit is your best friend. Nothing feels better than stepping out of the blistering heat into your cool home. However, the magic of this moment can quickly dissipate if you walk inside expecting cold air, only to find that your AC unit is blowing warm air. In today’s post, we will discuss a few reasons why your AC may be blowing warm air.

No matter what the cause may be, if you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning unit, it’s best to consult with a professional HVAC company that you can trust. Our four sister companies have been working hard for the past five years to provide residents of New Jersey with expert HVAC services. If you are in need of repairs, routine maintenance, or an HVAC installation, look no further than our HVAC company. Give us a call today!

Frozen Air Conditioning Unit

As the temperature reaches a high point in July and August, your first thought may be to counteract the blistering temps by lowering your AC. In theory, this seems like the perfect solution, but you may be surprised to learn that when you lower the temperature of your AC, you run the risk of your unit actually freezing! This typically happens when you turn your air conditioning unit on high. When you have your unit running, condensation can occur on the evaporator coil inside your unit. If your AC unit is running on high, the condensation can start to freeze, making it difficult for your unit to deliver the cold air that you desire.

To fix the problem of a frozen AC unit, turn off your AC and let the unit thaw for a couple of hours. Once it is completely thawed, it should be safe to run it again, but this time, set the temperature on your thermostat to at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters may not seem like a big deal at first, but if you neglect to change them or have them cleaned, they could be the cause of a myriad of different problems. Air filters are in charge of filtering dirt and debris from the air that passes through your air conditioning unit. As you can imagine, your filters can quickly become dirty, and as a result, your HVAC system may not function properly. While dirty filters may not directly contribute to warm air blowing through your vents instead of cool air, they can certainly hinder your air conditioning unit, making it more difficult for the cool air to pass through.

In Need of an Air Conditioning Repair?

These are just two of the common reasons that your air conditioning unit may be blowing warm air. If you can’t find the source of the problem, then don’t hesitate to contact the professionals! We strive to provide residents of New Jersey with expert HVAC services that they can count on, whether you’re in need of repairs, maintenance, or an installation. Contact our team of professionals to get started today!

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